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Sports Chiropractic Boosts Athletic Performance

Sports Chiropractic can enhance performance, prevent injuries, and speed rehabilitation without the use of drugs or surgery. It benefits professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. Dr. Tom has special training in sports injury chiropractic to help keep you in the game. Call (510) 582-7418 today to discuss your chiropractic sports needs.

In this video, legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice explains how chiropractic enhanced and prolonged his career:

Other great athletes who depend on chiropractic sports wellness practices include Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong.

Enhance Your Performance

The human body is comprised of many moving parts, which are all under the control of the Nervous System.  How Sports Chiropractic enhances performance is no different than an auto mechanic in NASCAR.  If all the moving parts are working correctly, and there is no interference to the control system (Nervous System), the maximum performance will be expressed.  Sports Chiropractic achieves this goal.  We are all familiar with the concept of muscle memory, but what we may not have considered is that there is literally a muscle(body) memory(mind) connection and that we can improve this relationship.  Like that race car, improving the body mechanics and increasing the control of the Nervous System is a game changer!

Prevent Injuries

Sports Chiropractic helps to reduce and prevent injuries by correcting and maintaining proper body mechanics. Proper body mechanics and ergonomics reduce the stress and strain placed on the muscles and joints that are used and abused during athletic activities.  By 'tuning-up' the body, it is more able to absorb these repetitive movements that are the cause of many sports and activities.  Sports Chiropractic helps your body be well and stay well.

Speed Rehabilitation

Sports Chiropractic helps speed the recovery time from injuries, as most sports injuries result from a physical trauma.  Sports Chiropractic differs from medical care in that most medical care consists of drugs for pain and swelling.  Drugs reduce symptoms, but do nothing to correct the actual problem created by the trauma of the injury.  The tissues then heal wrong, and a chronic weakness is left.  Sports Chiropractic works to realign and restore the injured body mechanics to promote a more complete recovery, enabling the athlete to heal properly.

Behind every great champion is a chiropractor.

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