“Dr. Jeff is UHMAZING! Not only is he a great person, he’s an excellent chiropractor. I was SUPER hesitant to see a chiropractor but because he explained everything in detail and made sure I didn’t feel any pain, I was able to put my trust in him. I would have the worse migraines, but after a week of getting adjusted I haven’t felt anything since. Call it what you want, but Dr. Jeff definitely took part in that. I thank him for giving me the ability to sleep with comfort and go on with my day without popping a pill. Never would I think chiropractic would make me feel better than before but it did. And I have Dr. Jeff to thank for that!”

“I LOVE Dr. Jeff. I can’t stress enough how much he cares for his patients. I have had serious neck problems for years, and since I have been regularly seeing Dr. Jeff….my life has changed. I have less stress and tension in my neck, and overall I just feel better.

Dr. Jeff really listens to you, and he doesn’t make you feel like a complainer when you are talking about issues. I would highly recommend him for his bedside manner as well as his ethics.”

“Dr. Jeffrey Reichert and the team was very welcoming when I first came in the office. I had lower back pain and has lots of tension on my neck. After seeing Jeff for a while now on the regular and getting my back adjusted, I’ve been feeling great! Now I have lots of energy through out the whole day and no back/neck pain at all. Also the workshop that they provide, has been really inspiring and informative to change my lifestyle for the best. Make health your priority cause you deserve to put yourself first. I would definitely recommend coming here, if you ever had questions about your spine or even had back pain that your worried about, this is the place to go to!”

“Dr. Jeff is amazing!!! In the past I had seen multiple different medical doctors including physical therapists for the amount of pain I was in and was basically told I would just need to learn to deal with the pain. After seeing Dr. Jeff I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have seen chiropractors before but no one like Dr. Jeff. It is a completely different chiropractic experience in an amazing way. My pain has drastically decreased and I am finally on the road to recovery with the wonderful care I get from Dr. Jeff. Not only is he a great chiropractor he is an amazing person who truly cares about his patience. The office and staff are very welcoming and it feels like home there. If you are looking for and amazing chiropractor who listens and cares about your well being then come see Dr. Jeff you won’t be disappointed.”

“I was a skeptic until I went to see Dr. Jeff. Now I am a true believer in him and his expertise as a Chiropractor. Everyone at the Center is awesome. Dr. Jeff has helped my migraines all but disappear. My sciatic nerve and lower back pain is almost gone. I have more energy and vitality than I have had for years. I didn’t realize I was in a fog, a dark place, until I started my adjustments and at one point I started seeing the light again (may sound corny but is true) and realized where I had been with my health. I actually wanted to get back out into the world again. I am 63 yrs old but I feel so much younger since I started seeing Dr. Jeff. He is very caring and compassionate toward his patients. I would recommend the him to anyone. Try it with an open mind to becoming healthier and gaining more vitality in your life.”

“Dr Jeff is a lifesaver!! As a vet tech who works long hours on my feet, bending in all sorts of contorted positions, Dr Jeff has kept my spine happily aligned. I haven’t been sick in well over a year since beginning regular chiropractic care and that is amazing!”

“When I first meet Dr. Jeff I had a pain radiating from my neck into my shoulder blade. I also would get tingling and pins and needles in my pinky and my thumb. After I began the Chiropractic Care with Dr. Jeff, it started to subside right away and now the tingling in my pinky and my thumb has completely gone away. I have also noticed that I have much better range of motion in my neck and I can now look over my shoulder when I have to pass a car while driving.”

“Dr. Jeff is AWESOME. I have been to one other chiropractor, and this has been a much better experience. I have been going to the office for a few weeks now, and I already see improvements. I usually have headaches a few times a week, and since getting regular adjustments, I have not had any. Dr. Jeff is very easy to talk to, and he is very approachable. I highly recommend going to Dr. Jeff!”